PlantEXT is developing and commercializing high-margin, cannabis-based medical products


Billion (US$) global medical cannabis market by 2024


US states that allow some form of medical cannabis use


Million people in the world who have psoriasis


Billion (US$) global market for IBD pharma drugs by 2020

The anti-inflammatory activity of cannabis extracts on human biopsies is quantified through a proprietary methodology owned by the State of Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization (ARO). The ARO has filed for intellectual property protection for its unique compositions and methods to treat inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). Through a licence agreement executed between ARO and PlantEXT in 2015, PlantEXT has the exclusive, worldwide right to commercialize ARO’s IBD intellectual property and products.
In addition, at PlantEXT we are developing our own intellectual property and products at our well-equipped, professionally staffed and fully permitted dedicated laboratory facilities in Tel Aviv.
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Early to marketEarly to market

Early-mover advantage with patented medical cannabis extract targeting IBD global pharma market

Exclusive licenceExclusive licence

Partnership with State of Israel’s ARO gives exclusive licence and worldwide right to commercialize IP

Higher marginsHigher margins

20-year patent protection allows for pricing power and long-term revenue stream

Patented methodologyPatented methodology

Patented methodology for testing human tissue

World-class teamWorld-class team

World-class team focused on product development and commercialization

Hospital relationshipsHospital relationships

Existing hospital and physician relationships through IBD program