Pioneering proprietary and effective medical cannabis formulations backed by clinical studies

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Developing science driven cannabis based products
that address patients’ unmet needs for the treatment of inflammation-related conditions

Science - Based On Innovation

PlantEXT’s accomplished and renowned research team is at the forefront of science-based medical cannabis product development.

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The PlantEXT Technology

Proprietary cannabis technology that enables better quality and consistent anti inflammatory go to market solutions that are being validated through clinical evidence to help and heal.

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A True Pharma Approach to Cannabis

A new targeted approach to medical cannabis developed by a team of dedicated and highly qualified researchers with years of experience in leading global pharmaceutical pioneering companies.

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The PlantEXT Legacy

Israel and Canada; the core of all the cannabis capital market and clinical research expertise.

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COVID-19 Research

PlantEXT has entered into a license agreement with The Government of the State of Israel and has funded research at ARO thus acquiring the exclusive global rights to commercialize ARO’s intellectual property (“IP”) and products based on formulations of active cannabis compounds and possibly other pharmaceutical drugs as a basis for development of products for the treatment of lung inflammation such as the inflammation provoked by COVID-19. (pending final government approval)

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Our Products

PlantEXT is focusing on products that address an unmet patient need for specific inflammation-related conditions

  • An entire pipeline of unique, patent-pending cannabis based formulas

  • Proprietary IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) formulation

  • Effective delivery systems

  • Targeted to improved outcomes

  • Scientifically and clinically proven for efficacy

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PlantEXT is developing and commercializing high profile, high margin and fast to market cannabis based medical products