About Us

PlantEXT Ltd. is an established leader in pharmaceutical cannabis research and development supported by pre-clinical and clinical studies in Israel. PlantEXT is developing the world’s most effective pharmaceutical cannabis formulations for the treatment of inflammation related medical conditions.

PlantEXT has assembled a world class team of pharma R & D and product commercialization experts that have the skills and experience to execute PlantEXT’s product pipeline commercialization schedule. PlantEXT’s CEO is Doug Sommerville, the former Head of Country for Teva Canada, where he successfully led a team delivering over $1-billion in sales annually. The Honorable Joe Oliver, Canada’s former Minister of Finance, is the Chairman of PlantEXT’s Board of Directors. Dr. Tahel Altman, a physician with expertise in biotech development, is PlantEXT’s General Manager, in charge of clinical development programs in Israel and the Company’s independent R & D facilities near Tel Aviv. PlantEXT also collaborates with former senior Teva experts in product development, scale up and commercialization. Professor Raphael Mechoulam is the Chair of PlantEXT’s Scientific Advisory Board.

In 2016, PlantEXT entered into a license agreement with the State of Israel’s Agricultural Research Organization (ARO).  PlantEXT has funded innovative research at ARO, led by Professor Hinanit Koltai, and has acquired the exclusive global rights to commercialize ARO’s medical cannabis intellectual property (IP) and products for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). PlantEXT’s relationship with ARO is strong and continuing with exciting, cutting edge research and development (R & D) that will keep ARO and PlantEXT at the forefront of IBD product development.

Based on successful research completed to date, ARO has filed a patent application for a methodology to screen cannabis extracts on human biopsies, that allows for the measurement of anti-inflammatory activity of cannabis extracts, separated fractions, compounds and synergistic formulations on human tissue. This unique IP is included in PlantEXT’s exclusive license agreement with ARO and is adding value in the development of anti-inflammatory formulations and offers an exciting new method to provide individualized solutions for patients. A patent application has also been filed by ARO to protect compositions and methods.

PlantEXT has entered into a strategic alliance with Panaxia Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a leading Israeli pharma manufacturing company, and Rafa Laboratories Ltd. a leading Israeli pharma distribution company to manufacture and distribute IBD products to pharmacies in Israel beginning in the summer of 2019, as a pilot commercialization program. The IBD products will then be marketed in other jurisdictions, in the second half of 2019.

PlantEXT has established its own dedicated R & D platform within a prominent, industry leading laboratory complex near Tel Aviv where PlantEXT is supporting development of an extensive line of products to provide anti-inflammatory relief to patients across the globe. PlantEXT has also entered into a joint venture agreement with an Israeli producer of all-natural topical skin care products to jointly develop a line of topical products containing PlantEXT’s proprietary anti-inflammatory formulations. The first topical product is a treatment for psoriasis and is scheduled for commercial launch in the summer of 2019. The pipeline of topical products includes treatments for atopic dermatitis, migraine, pain and more.

PlantEXT’s product pipeline commercialization schedule is designed to introduce an average of 1 new product or product extension to the market every quarter, and to add one new geography every quarter, beginning in Q3, 2019. PlantEXT is preparing to expand marketing and distribution of products internationally based on enabling jurisdiction-specific regulations and strategic partnerships that provide supply chain, manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

PlantEXT has also entered into an exclusive license agreement with Yissum Research Development Company, the commercialization arm for Hebrew University in Jerusalem. This License relates to existing IP on a molecule related to the endocannabinoid system that is showing remarkable potential to treat addiction as a disease. Mouse and rat studies have been completed on nicotine and opioid addiction respectively, with encouraging results. The project is personally directed by Professor Mechoulam and includes collaboration with universities in the United States, Canada and Europe.